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See the 3 Minute Video Introduction Below

This 3 minute video introduction highlights the growth of a movement which is seeking to challenge the US governments silence on the disclosure of the alternative space agenda.

The US governments inability to fully prosecute NASA hackers is growing proof of not wanting to bring publicity to their lack of disclosure of an alternative space agenda. NASA Disclosures pulls the plug on this covert operation.


NASA - The Modern Day Tower of Babel

Why would God undermine construction of the Tower of Babel but allow NASA to operate. Surely NASA has made it closer to heaven than the Tower of Babel?

This may sound like a tongue in cheek question but it certainly gets you thinking about parallels between what happened thousands of years ago and what is happening today in our modern culture.

Thousands of years ago mankind had united in defiance to God under the leadership of a great leader known as Nimrod. Using an incredible array of construction technology for that period of time, a united humanity under the first one world government constructed a skyscraper that probably would have competed with many of the tallest man-made structures today. The CN Tower in Toronto, Canada, standing at 553.3 m (1,815 ft), was formerly the world's tallest completed freestanding structure on land. It was then surpassed in height by the rising Burj Khalifa of Dubai on September 12, 2007.

Whether the Tower of Babel had reached these heights before God came down to stop the construction we do not know, however we do know had they been allowed to continue then they would have clearly reached the clouds as well which would have meant they would have developed ways to possibly deal with the altitude and lack of oxygen levels.

Since the 20th century NASA has been on an expedition to go beyond the clouds and conquer space. In December 1968, the Apollo 8 mission laid out a milestone in the conquest of space by actually going to the Moon and circumnavigating it for the first time. Being so far away from Earth, it also produced the first complete picture of our planet.

Since then, the human race achieved a long sought goal, the exploration of the Solar System. Men have set foot on the Moon and unmanned probes have visited every planet in the Solar System.

The next logical step is no longer to explore, but to colonize. The evolution of space travel can lead us to permanent settlements in outer space, where we can establish communities in which pioneers will live in the New Frontier whist the earth suffers the consequences of man's industry through global warming. That is what they would have us to believe.

The question then is, is their a biblical mandate to explore and colonize space?

With so many unsolved problems on our own planet why should humans commit themselves to space exploration? Why should time and trillions of dollars be dedicated to designing spacecraft and technological solutions to explore outer space when the same money could be used to provide for the urgent necessities that we are facing here on Earth such as famine, disease and poverty.

Motive - Corrupt and Evil

To answer the questions just raised we had to discover and find out what is the motive behind the space race and what were the circumstances around how NASA was conceived. This would then help provide some context as to whether the present and rapid development of space technology is something that is for the good of mankind or something that has a completely different motive and agenda to what we are led to believe.

160 pages later and thousands of hours of research later, we have come to the conclusion that there is more than meets your eye when it comes to who NASA are and what they represent and it is not good. If it is not for good then this means that we could witness in the future a "deja vu" of what happened over 3000 years ago. Where the plans of NASA will lead them into an almighty confrontation with the creator of the universe.

The disclosure on what is really happening with NASA and the space exploration race has been increased dramatically through evidence provided by people who used to work for NASA and various government agencies linked to the development of technology for space exploration. No longer do we need to depend on circumstantial evidence or civilian eye witness accounts.

Now we have access to classified documents, classified video footage and interviews with some of the most respected researchers within the space exploration community.

Now unlike any other time in history we are truly able to understand how the space exploration sectors falls into the one world government agenda and how it will fulfill bible prophecy.

NASA Disclosures - A Spiritual Phenomena

NASA Disclosures is a 7 part report that that pulls back the veil on the true agenda behind the worlds leading space programs and will link it to the fact that this secret mission is controlled and directed by he who is called the prince of the power of the air. Throughout the Bible there are clear references to spiritual strong holds in high places.

The fact that very high areas manifest a high degree of demonic activity is no arbitrary phenomenon. As Asian studies Edwin Bembaum observes,

“People have traditionally revered mountains places of sacred power and spiritual atonement"

The Himalayan Mountain range may represent the world’s densest concentration of spiritism. In all of the nations skirting these icy behemoths, Nepal, India, Bhutan, China, Pakistan and Tibet, overt demonic manifestations are commonplace. According to eyewitness accounts from long-term resident missionaries in Nepal, Christian workers have been bitten (with resultant puncture wounds) and had food supplies eaten by evil spirits. On other occasions, mysterious lights perched atop high mountain peaks have come hurtling down toward their residences only to be driven off by urgent rebukes in the name of Christ.

In scripture certain “spiritual strongmen” are actually referred to by the territories they control from a high location. These include the Prince of Persia (Daniel 10:13), the Prince of Greece (Daniel 10:20), the King of Tyre (Ezekiel 28:12) and the spirit of Babylon (Revelation 17:3-5). In other cases evil powers have assumed the identity of territorial deities such as Bel in Babylon (Jeremiah 51:44), Baal-Zebub of Ekron (2 Kings 1:2-3) and Apollyon of the Bottomless Pit (Revelation 9:11).

The Bible confirms that not only is the world’s creation the results of the invisible, spiritual realm, but the spiritual realms are involved in conflicts taking place in the physical, according to Ephesians.

“For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.” Ephesians 6:12

NASA Disclosures carefully shows that what is perceived to be mans astonishing advancements in space exploration is actually being controlled by beings whose domain are on the periphery of the earths atmosphere. Because of the volatile and dangerous nature of this phenomena the government has sought to conceal this in the interest of preventing a world wide panic epidemic.

However whilst the growing vocal roar of disclosure movements is forcing NASA and various national governments into a tight corner regarding lack of disclosure, it is also apparent that there is another reason for the space exploration program which trumps and sits on top of all other conjectures and reasoning's. This plan is a deceitful and elaborate strategy with one ultimate agenda, one hardly mentioned by any disclosure movement.

See below for further insights into this massive and startling insight from Rema Marketing.


Truth is the pillar of civilization. The word 'truth' occurs 224 times in the King James Version of the Holy Bible; witnesses testifying in American courts and before the United States Congress must swear to tell the truth; and, laws and civil codes require truth in advertising and in business practices, to list just a few examples. The purpose of science is to discover the true nature of Earth and Universe and to convey that knowledge truthfully to people everywhere. Science gives birth to technology that makes our lives easier and better. Science improves our health and enables us to see our world in ways never before envisioned. It uplifts spirits and engenders optimism. And, science provides a truth-standard, securely anchored in the properties of matter, a means to expose and debunk the charlatans and science-barbarians who would lie, cheat, steal, and tyrannize under the guise of science......But then there is NASA!

For what reason did Jack Parsons the leader of rocket technology in the United States fall foul of the FBI considering his significant rocketing accomplishments? (Addressed in Part 1: Page 11)

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Which part of America was home to some of the worst psychochemical experiments conducted on American soldiers and how is this linked to many of NASA's original scientists? (Addressed in Part 1: Page 17)


What is the link between NASA, the assassination of JFK and the American Orthodox Catholic Church? (Addressed in Part 1: Page 20)


Which families from the 13 bloodlines of the Illuminati were involved as message bearers of the Council of Nine? (Addressed in Part 1: Page 25)



The year was 1969. In what appeared to most eyes as the most monumental and technologically incredible feat in human history, man had walked on the moon. Blasting from earth into space, NASA's Apollo 11 craft, carrying aloft three heroic astronauts, sat down on the moon's dusty surface. A breathless and ecstatic audience numbering in the billions were glued to their TV sets and radios. Then, they heard those historic words from the astronauts, "THE EAGLE HAS LANDED!" Shortly thereafter, these same throngs of well-wishers saw Commander Neil Armstrong step out into the lunar environment and state the historic phrase, "One small step for man. One giant leap for mankind." True, a small replica of our proud U.S. flag was dutifully carted off the Eagle lander and posted for all to see. But, then, a strange ritual of an entirely different sort, of a dark and ominous character, took place at Tranquillity Base on the moon. It was not beamed to the earth via television, for this ritual was carefully crafted beforehand as a secret ceremony, to be hidden and seen only by the eyes of the adepts of the Illuminati and its Masonic fraternity.

What has been the significance of the evolution of the NASA logo over the last 56 years? (Addressed in Part 2: Page 4)


How has freemasonry achieved global influence across all of the worlds space agencies? (Addressed in Part 2: Page 7)


What really happened on the Moon after the landing of the Apollo 11 crew? (Addressed in Part 2: Page 9)


How has Stanley Kubrick's movie "2001 Space Odyssey" represented all of the occult principles which underpin NASA today? (Addressed in Part 2: Page 11)


NASA categorically denies the existence of UFOs, or of some advanced, extra-terrestrial base or structures or species for that matter. Similarly, nothing meaningful on this issue has ever surfaced into the public domain via the Freedom of Information Act. In other words, the front door is firmly closed to anyone and everyone who does not possess the necessary official clearance to access the top-secret truth. That is, at least, unless you are prepared to go totally out on a limb, break the law to circumvent that front door, and instead penetrate NASA's back door via a series of brute-force computer hacks which is precisely what has been done over the last several year and led to some of the most extraordinary prosecution sagas in relation to cyber crime.

Which U.S. military airbase in the United States was the subject of a controversial NBC show which featured people who had hacked into the bases computer system? (Addressed in Part 3: Page 4)

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What was the one event that altered the course of the Gary McKinnon trial in which he was to be extradited to the US from the UK for the worst computer hacking incident in NASA history? (Addressed in Part 3: Page 11)


Which former NASA employees made damaging testimonies of their time working at NASA and what they observed? (Addressed in Part 3: Page 32)


Why has the 2 minute period of silence on the Apollo 11 moon landing been a continual thorn in the side for NASA? (Addressed in Part 3: Page 42)



At 11.39 a.m. Eastern-Standard-Time, on January 28, 1986, the Space Shuttle Challenger suffered an unmitigated disaster only 73-seconds into its flight, disintegrated over the Atlantic Ocean, and led to the tragic deaths of its seven crew-members: As NASA’s investigation concluded, the disintegration of the Shuttle began when an O-ring seal in its right solid rocket booster failed at the moment of lift-off, and caused a breach in the joint which it sealed, thus allowing pressurized hot gas from within the solid rocket motor to reach the outside and impinge upon the external fuel tank. This, in turn, led to the structural failure of the same external tank, and unstoppable, and inevitable, tragedy, and death was the only possible outcomes. Not everyone was convinced the event was an accident, however – as the Freedom of Information Act has now demonstrated. In the immediate wake of the affair, the FBI’s Washington Field Office found itself embroiled in a very curious saga relative to the destruction of the Shuttle.

What NASA project was exposed during the mid 1990s which led to a serious outcry over the possible impact it could have had on the planet earth? (Addressed in Part 4: Page 5)


Why did Carl Sagan, the love of America, fall from grace after the space shuttle columbia disaster? (Addressed in Part 4: Page 7)


What were the controversies that continually plagued NASA after the space shuttle challenger disaster in 1986? (Addressed in Part 4: Page 8)


What photos were submitted to NASA for analysis showing what really caused the space shuttle columbia disaster? (Addressed in Part 4: Page 15)



When 3 people die in mysterious and un-timely circumstances after revealing details of a secret NASA project, it increases the spotlight on what could be one of the most heavily guarded secrets of the new world order. Add to this the fact that one of NASA's top scientist before his death revealed details of an elaborate NASA agenda to force the world into a global dictatorship then it compels you to see the space exploration program in a totally different light.

The increasing use of Nanotechnology by NASA is a two edged sword in terms of the mutual benefits for mankind. In what ways does NASA believe nanotechnology will help its space exploration programs? (Addressed in Part 5: Page 6)


Which NASA project caused the deaths of 3 conspiracy researchers who tried to expose it? (Addressed in Part 5: Page 9)


What is Project World Evacuation and what significance does this have to NASA and the New Age Movement? (Addressed in Part 5: Page 23)


Before his death one of NASA's most respected scientist disclosed the real reason behind the space arms race. Do you know what this is? (Addressed in Part 5: Page 26)



During the middle ages, Galileo was a prime example of the Church vs Science war where he was arrested and tried by the Catholic Church for his correct scientific announcement that the Earth rotated around the Sun. Since that time and over the centuries, the Church's doctrine of suppression has gradually dissipated and been replaced by a new initiative of working with scientific exploration. However when scriptures are twisted and re-interpreted to provide some level of spiritual clarity to modern day phenomena then it raises the question as to how much can we trust the Vatican as a voice for the Christian world in regards to matters that require biblical truth.

What event was a historic occasion for the Vatican in entering the global dialogue on extraterrestrial disclosure? (Addressed in Part 6: Page 6)


How did one of the Vatican's top theologians and long time exorcist respond in a private debate with Zecariah Sitchin about the UFO phenomena and the origins of mankind? (Addressed in Part 6: Page 8)


Why has the LUCIFER project attracted so much attention since its launch and how is the Vatican involved? (Addressed in Part 6: Page 10)


What does Jesuit Guy Consolmagno believe about the Vatican position on impact of the UFO phenomena on the Christian faith? (Addressed in Part 6: Page 12)



Any true understanding of where the space race is leading can only be viewed through the prism of bible world view. Many secular researchers in the area of occult fail to realize that the Bible isn't just a book that you can pick reference from when and where you like. The Bible apart from being a great resource for providing clarity on the global elite agenda is also a timeline, defining what will happen in the future regardless of what is happening in the world. It is also important to note that the higher that NASA goes the more they are exposed to the prince of the power of the air whose domains occupies space and the periphery of the earth’s atmosphere. Yes God is in sovereign control of the universe but for a period of time the Bible declares that Satan who masquerades as an angel of light has a domain situated in high places. Is there a connection between where NASA is heading and what Satan is planning?

How has the space arms race evolved ever since the time of Ronald Reagan and his commitment to the star wars program? (Addressed in Part 7: Page 4)


What event took place at the United Nations in October 2013 which discussed global resolutions to address the protection from the earth from destructive asteroids such as the one which landed in Russia 8 months earlier (Addressed in Part 7: Page 7)


What evidence is there that high locations on the earth are associated with increased levels of paranormal and supernatural power? (Addressed in Part 7: Page 13)


Why will the domain of Satan in the future be restricted by God from the first and second heavens to just being on earth. Is their a strategic plan behind this? (Addressed in Part 7: Page 21)


Waive Your 4th Amendment Rights or Be Denied Access

Something significant is going on with NASA and the Department of Homeland Security that they do not want the public to know about? Thanks to the the Department of Homeland Security, back in 2007 during the latter part of the Bush administration, an order went out to all workers at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena. All employees of this organization which is run under contract to NASA by the California Institute of Technology, had to be vetted for high security clearance in order to continue doing their jobs.

Many of these scientists and engineers were running the Mars rover exploration program, the Cassini probe orbiting Saturn and the Kepler Satellite which has been discovering new planets outside the solar system.

In order to continue working at JPL, even scientists who had been with NASA for decades were told they would need a high-level security badge just to enter the premises. To be issued that badge, they were told they would need to agree to undergoing an intensive FBI check that would look into their prior life history, right back to college.

Who would blame the many scientists and engineers at JPL who took this as an extreme invasion of their privacy? To get their clearance, security agencies were going to contact their neighbors and old colleagues to be interrogated about their drug-use, drinking habits, arrest records as kids, all the countless things that are looked into when doing a high-security background check. Why would NASA scientists be subject to the same prying invasion of their privacy that they would get if they were applying for jobs in the CIA or the Secret Service?

Everyone who wanted to continue doing space science at JPL was told they had to submit to a security investigation. The cost of this ultimatum, which was aggressively pursued to a final victory in the High Court by the Obama Department of Justice (sic), has been grievous, as some 100 veteran scientists at JPL have quit or taken early retirement, rather than open their lives to the FBI.”

What in the world are NASA and the Department of Homeland Security hiding? Every day lately, we are learning more and more via NASA’s own photos, something big is going on up there! The security obsession being displayed by NASA and the DHS is just more proof that something is going on. What is it they have found and want to restrict access to even within NASA?

Find out Now The Truth Behind This Massive Covert Operation

The NASA Disclosures report crashes through all of the key elements of this terrible deception to provide key answers to deep rooted questions. Involving the evidence of former NASA employees, hackers who were prosecuted, military personnel and top researchers and investigators, the 7 part report is one of the most dynamic revelations of an agenda that was birthed through corrupt and evil influences and still today continues to represent a last days tower of Babel.

Furthermore, behind all of this technological advancement is another agenda that supersedes and is known as the parent agenda. It is a spiritual agenda and one which ultimately has one purpose. This is a purpose that receives no attention at all by those seeking to pressure the governments on disclosure. Yet it is a purpose that was prophesied over two thousand years ago.

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With enough content and footnotes to keep you for hours on end this report will bring you face to face with hard core primary evidence of this NASA alternative space agenda. An agenda that would never be released to the media as it would be deemed to be farcical.

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Take your first step and be one of the 2% of the population who are seeking the alternative truth.

P.S. I promise you, you will not have seen anything as detailed as this report. It is by far the most comprehensive and detailed work that we have put together in regards to the space exploration agenda.
P.P.S. With the report you will also receive some fantastic additional special bonuses.

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